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Some brilliant motto from Benedict.

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Scott Mantz: “I hear you are playing Doctor Strange.”

Benedict Cumberbatch : “Doctor Who?”

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The Imitation Game teaser trailer(X)

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Sherlock and his violin.

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ok so mark gatiss changed his icon to REDBEARD WHAT DOES IT MEAN

Maybe Redbeard’s still alive somehow??????

S4: How redbeard faked his own death

Or Mycroft meant Redbeard when he said, ” you know what happened to the other one.” 

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Do you realize, this #221back tells us nothing after all? The shooting for S4 starts late in 2015, which means we’ll get S4 in 2016. We knew we were gonna get S4 in 2016 :| Ultimately It’s 2 years hiatus. Are they playing with our minds?

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Caption by Marti Acker.

Caption by Marti Acker.

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Until it’s Gone/The Catalyst

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